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We rely heavily on household plumbing every day without giving it much thought. However, when we’re out of running water for a few hours or even more, the time comes to wonder what went wrong. Sometimes, it’s just a minor issue that can be fixed with some DIY work, but in most cases, the problem requires a professional inspection. Hansen Family Plumbing is the best Scottsdale plumbing service capable of handling even the thoughts of plumbing issues. Contact our team today to schedule an appointment!

Don’t Wait On Plumbing Issues To Get Worse

Plumbing issues are various and can range in severity. While we recommend hiring a professional for most plumbing issues and installations, it’s good to know what you’re dealing with and understand the problem. That way, you can be better prepared for whatever you’re facing and take action accordingly. 

Because the bathroom and the kitchen are the two most important rooms in a house, we break down everything about the plumbing system in these areas. Hopefully, with our help, you’ll be able to inspect these areas, spot the issue, and resolve it adequately. Even if it turns out you need professional help, in the end, you’ll find recommendations for one of the most reliable Scottsdale plumbing services at the end of the article. 

Bathroom Plumbing

The bathroom may hold the biggest collection of plumbing fixtures in your home. It is also one of the most frequently used rooms in every house. If you just think about how many times you use the toilet, sink, shower, or bathtub daily, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the bathroom is often a source of plumbing issues. For that reason, you might want to look into how these bathroom plumbing fixtures work so you can better understand the related issues. 


Toilets include the following components: a bowl, a seat, a lid, a water tank, a flush valve, a fill valve, a flush handle. Most of the plumbing issues occur due to clogging or leaking in some of these components. Let’s take a look at some common problems in all households:

  • It often happens that the toilet gets clogged or flushes slowly because of the mineral buildup inside the bowl. If you can’t clear the toilet with a plunger, it might be time to install a new one. 
  • If the water in your toilet is running into the tank and the bowl continuously, you might have issues with a leaking flush valve or poorly-adjusted fill valve. 
  • Leaks from the pipe and hose that connect to the toilet tank are also common and can be quite bothersome. They tend to develop into large and damaging leaks rather quickly, and we recommend handling these leaks as soon as possible. 
  • You may also have issues with the tank-to-bowl gasket. If you notice leaks in the area where the tank connects to the bowl, the replacement of the gasket might be in order. 
  • When there’s a leak on the ground, right where the toilet touches the floor, the toilet ring might be one to blame. The replacement of the ring requires removing both the toilet and the tank, so we recommend hiring a professional for this task. 

Overall, when the toilet is working improperly, you might experience a wide range of issues, from overflowing to leaking in the plumbing system. That’s why you should check every single component in the toilet and make sure they all work properly. 

Sinks and Faucets

These include faucets, sink bowls, mechanical drain stoppers, water supply lines, and drain pipes. The components might malfunction or get clogged at one point due to excessive use, which often requires full part replacement. 

  • One of the most common plumbing issues in the bathroom is a clogged or slow drain. The problem occurs because soaps and loose hair build up within the pipe drains and prevent water from flowing continuously. 
  • When you have a dripping faucet, the cartridge or washer needs to be replaced. These parts can corrode over time and break during the replacement, so careful handling is required. 
  • If you notice any water coming from the bottom of a bathroom vanity cabinet or underneath the sink, there might be an issue with drain pipe joints. 
  • The drain stopper can also malfunction and cause wastewater to leak under the sink. Sometimes, the problem can be resolved by tightening the parts of the mechanism, but the replacement of the drain stopper also might be in order. 
  • When the sink smells like rotten eggs, there might be a microbial infection in the drain. The good thing is, this issue is easy to resolve. You only need to pour hydrogen peroxide down the drain and let it unblock the passage. 

Sinks and faucets are somewhat tricky and might cause other issues than the ones stated above. They don’t always allow for easy problem spotting and resolving, and you might need professional help. 


One of the most heavily used parts in all bathrooms is the shower. They include faucets for delivering hot and cold water, and these parts are often located behind the shower wall.  

  • Sometimes the valve that controls hot and cold water gets worn out and requires a replacement. This is a common reason behind leaks from the showerhead and is easy to resolve. 
  • Just like the sink drains, shower drains can get clogged because of the soap and hair buildups. However, the issue is often more serious and can’t always be resolved with drain cleaners. 
  • Shower enclosures can also leak, especially on spots where the floor meets the walls or the shower doors are connecting. In most mild cases, caulking can stop leaks. For more concerning leaks, rebuilding shower enclosures might be necessary. 
  • If you notice a smelly shower drain, you can use the previously mentioned technique of pouring hydrogen peroxide. It is a common problem and usually doesn’t require professional help. 
  • Mold growth is another concerning issue that occurs because of improper ventilation. Once you get your bathroom cleaned from mold, make sure to run exhaust fans after each shower and leave the shower doors open between uses. 


Bathtubs feature similar elements to showers, and therefore, can cause similar plumbing issues. The most common ones include leaks in water supply valves, clogged drains, or defective enclosures. If you have problems with your bathtub, you can follow the recommendations above to spot and resolve them. 

Kitchen Plumbing

The kitchen is another area that requires the optimal performance of the plumbing system. We rely on plumbing every time we prepare food or clean up afterward, which lays high pressure on the system. Furthermore, kitchens have many faucets, drains, and appliances. You most likely have a dishwasher, a fridge with a water dispenser, and other appliances that can influence the performance of the entire house plumbing system. Here are some common issues found in most households: 

Sinks and Faucets 

Your kitchen sinks and faucets include elements such as sink bowls, drain pipes, how water dispensers, and more. All of these elements can malfunction at one point and cause issues in the plumbing system. 

  • A dripping faucet is very common and requires replacing the cartridge that controls the flow of hot and cold water. The process is quite simple, inexpensive, and resolves the issue immediately. 
  • Because of the food leftovers and grease, kitchen sinks get easily clogged. Drain cleaner liquids can sometimes flush out the dirt from the drain, but in most cases, using a sink plunger or drain snake is necessary. 
  • Leaks under the bottom of the sink cabinet usually happen because of the problems in drain pipe joints. Sometimes the fittings are not tight enough, and other times, the drain pipe repair needs to be performed. It can also happen that the seal or caulking around the sink is defective.
  • The hot water dispenser can also malfunction from time to time. This is a small part that streams hot water for instant use, and not all houses have it. If yours does and you notice issues in the plumbing system, make sure to inspect the hot water dispenser. 


Most dishwashers have a connection to the drain and an inlet for a hot water supply. There is a hose to carry pressurized water to the machine and a drain line that leads from the dishwasher to the kitchen drain pipe. The most common issues that cause dishwashers to malfunction are plumbing-related ones based on clogged elements. 

  • When the drain screen gets clogged with food leftovers, the waste water can be pumped out of the machine. The first step toward having a well-functioning dishwasher is cleaning its filters regularly. Also, if you have any issues with your dishwasher, make sure to check the filters first. 
  • Along with the filter, a drain pump or drain water sensor can malfunction. This is a mechanical issue that can’t be resolved by homeowners, which is why we recommend calling a professional. 
  • Lastly, if you notice water in front of the door of your dishwasher, the most likely cause is the door seal or drain pump. You can inspect the door and see if there are any cracks or folds or call a technician. If there are no visible dents or damages, the pump is likely behind the leak. 

Fridge with Water Dispenser 

If you have a refrigerator with a water dispenser, you might experience leaks and low water pressure. Your fridge might also fail to produce ice. 

Leaks are most commonly the cause of loose or broken water supply connections. Slow or low water delivery might be a sign of a blocked or clogged supply. Lastly, when your freezer fails to make ice, you might face a mechanical failure in one of its parts. 

When to Hire a Professional 

All the steps and tips we listed above can help you understand plumbing issues and detect them on your own. However, not all of them are easy to find and resolve. While you can clean up the filter on your dishwasher and unclog the drain in the sink, you might have difficulties with replacing elements and repairing mechanical issues.

If you can’t detect any problems, yet you notice higher water and electric bills, leaks, and other odd things, you should hire a professional. Reliable plumbing service will resolve any issue you might have with ease and high accuracy. They will make your life easier and ensure you have the water constantly running in your household. Additionally, professionals are there to assist with emergency plumbing services and resolve burning issues quickly.  

Plumbing Services FAQ

Before you decide to call in plumbing service to resolve the issue, here are some sample questions you might want to ask. 

  • Can you give me advice if I explain to you the plumbing issue in my household?
  • Is there anything I can do on my own?
  • Can I cause more damage to the plumbing system by doing repairs on my own?
  • How much do plumbing services cost
  • Why does it cost so much? 
  • What repairs will you perform on my plumbing system? 
  • How fast can you fix all the stated issues?

Plumbing Services Near Me

If you’re looking for plumbing services near you, we are here to help. Among the Scottsdale plumbing services, Hansen Family Plumbing proves to be one of the best and most reliable options. The company offers a wide range of services to fit your needs. The team of experienced professionals performs cleaning, repairs, and installation of drains, faucets, bathtubs, showers, and much more. 

Furthermore, Hansen Family Plumbing and Air is a family-owned and operated company that offers exceptional customer service to help and guide homeowners through different plumbing issues. If you have any questions or need assistance, you can contact Hansen Family Plumbing and Air and schedule a service here.