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How to Prevent Roots in the Sewer Line

If you take good care of your sewer lines, you will have fewer problems. Regular maintenance is important. This can help prevent many things from happening, like roots growing into your sewer line. You may be able to save a lot of money if you catch an issue before it becomes a big problem. 

Preventing tree roots in sewer lines is not that difficult; you can use slow-release chemicals like potassium hydroxide and copper sulfate to create a barrier and prevent roots from causing problems. 

Roots tend to avoid chemicals and prefer to grow in a different direction. This is why you should spread them out near your sewer line. Wood and metal also help, they can create a barrier, but they must be installed properly. You don’t want to ruin the sewer line by accident, so make sure a professional handles this. 

Landscaping Tips

Good landscaping can lead to healthy plumbing and prevent roots from growing into the sewer line. Make sure you don’t plant large trees near your sewer line, consider moving them further away and try not to plant trees with widespread roots. Some trees grow slowly and have smaller root balls; this means they won’t interfere with the sewer line. 

Before deciding how to landscape, find out where your sewer lines are. You could figure this out on your own, but it would be good to consult with a plumber. This can take some time, but be patient, as it can save you money in the long run. 

If you already have a large tree near the plumbing, just make sure to have regular inspections. Plumbers can use cameras to find clogs in your pipes, so an experienced plumber can identify potential tree roots before they start destroying your plumbing. 

Receive Camera Inspections

Sometimes there might not be any large trees near you. Sewer line, but that doesn’t mean that roots from another tree didn’t grow far, straight to your sewer line. There could be a small bush with large roots, or maybe even a neighbor’s tree is disrupting your sewer line. It’s always good to call a plumber. Even if there are no root growths, there could be debris and other reasons for clogs. Make sure to check your plumbing every once in a while, especially if you sense something is clogging the sewer line. 

Detecting Roots in Your Sewer Line

First thing first, always contact a professional if you notice something is wrong. If you sense or see that something is not working properly resist the urge to dig up your yard and give us a call. That is what we are here for. A plumber can help you resolve and identify your issue more efficiently and in a timely manner. 

You can identify whether or not the sewer line has been affected by tree roots on your own; there are quite a few indicators to this issue. Your early detection can save you money, thankfully, we are here to help you learn how to identify this problem.

The following are indications you might have a clog in your sewer line:

Slow Drains

If your sink and bathroom drain take a long time to dry up, there is likely something clogged in the sewer line, such as tree roots. 

This is one of the first signs your sewer line is clogged. Many homeowners ignore this issue and believe it to be something else, so they reach for chemical drain cleaning products. Call a plumber, and have him look at potential issues; this can save you from an expensive repair.

Backed Up Drains

A significant blockage by tree roots will make water back up to your sink. This is how you’ll know you have a backed-up drain. This means you must consult with a plumber to find the best way to fix an issue. Small clogs won’t usually make water back up into your sink. 

Gurgling Toilet

Gurgling noises are caused by a clog. And although they might help you fall asleep, they should keep you up at night because it’s a recurring problem.

Bad Smell

If you sense a very bad smell coming from your drains, there is most likely an issue that needs to be repaired. If the water goes through your pipes as intended, there shouldn’t be any foul smell. Clogs keep the water from flowing; this makes the stagnant water begin to smell. The bacteria can result in a very bad sewage smell that can make your house smell horribly. 

In case it’s too late, what should I do?

There are some cases where it is too late to prevent something., If you already see signs of tree roots in your sewer or notice a tree is close to your plumbing, don’t hesitate to call a professional. A plumber can help teach you ways of protecting your sewer line better. They can fix root issues that have affected your pipes. You can always rely on them to help come save the day. 

Call Us for Sewer Repair

If it is too late, and the roots have already entered your pipes, give us a call, and we will come to repair this for you. We will get your home plumbing in working order in no time; when you are ready for help, schedule a repair.


published on Wednesday, May 11th, 2022