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4 Ways to Unclog A Toilet That Won’t Drain

“Mom! Dad! The toilet won’t flush!” This is an all too familiar comment that can be heard in households across the country. Whether it is your kids or yourself that has been caught in this situation, do not panic. Here are some quick easy steps you can try to help unclog your toilet.

Step 1: Stop the bowl from filling up

Before things take a turn for the worse and you have water spilling all over the floor, turn off the water supply to the toilet. The valve is attached to the wall behind your toilet, a few turns to right should do the job.

Step 2: Get out the plunger

It’s time to dig out the trusty toilet plunger or make a quick run to the store if you don’t already have one. In order to effectively plunge a toilet you must have a good seal, we recommend you use a funnel-cup plunger. These plungers have an extra flange at the bottom to help with the sealing process.

Step 3: Use the plunger

While the softer more flexible rubber plungers will help create a better seal, you can also run hot water over the rubber to help soften it before using it. Once your plunger is ready, it’s time to get plunging. Make sure you have a good seal by gently pushing the plunger in place. Once it is in place, push the plunger in, this first push is to help get out the air. Without breaking the seal give the plunger a few good push and pulls. Finally, pull the plunger out forcefully to break the air seal (be careful not to splash all that dirty water on yourself). If plunging was successful, the water should visibly go down the drain. Turn the water source back on to the toilet, once the tank refills, flush the toilet. If the first attempt did not work, try to plunge once again.

Step 4: Call a plumber

If your attempts at plunging the toilet don’t unclog it, it’s time to call for backup. Call Hansen Family Plumbing, we make your plumbing emergency our priority and will schedule a technician to come out to resolve the issue as soon as we can. Give us a call at (602) 805-4836


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